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Meadowbrook’s Class of 2016 Underwriter Trainee Program

On June 1, 2015, Meadowbrook kicked off the first session of the newly developed underwriting trainee program. This program was developed because our industry is rapidly evolving as technology and data continue to change how Insurance companies operate and interact with their clients, agents and regulators. It is critical that we make investments today in recruiting, training and retaining the best talent if we are to ensure our future success as an Insurance Carrier of choice for consumers and the employer of choice for our associates. Our underwriting trainee program is designed to expose these new associates to all functional areas of the company, demonstrating how they all link together to form “Meadowbrook”, while at the same time teaching and developing their critical thinking skills in the area of technical underwriting. Once graduated, these highly trained individuals will become ambassadors for the Underwriting profession and enthusiastic representatives of our company to future generations of interns and college graduates looking for a demanding and rewarding career.

On April 22, 2016 the first two candidates will graduate from the program, Daniel Dulapa and Doug Cubbin. The program

was developed by Roger Walleck and Sue Cubbin. It incorporated numerous self-study courses with exams, meetings with different departments and associates to review their functions, travel to different offices to see first-hand different underwriting tasks and meetings with key business partners to learn how they work with Meadowbrook.

“I feel prepared to take the next step in my career.”

Danny and Doug thoroughly enjoyed being part of the program. Danny commented, “We were able to view the company from a holistic perspective.” They both felt that the program was well developed and the exposure they received, traveling to different branches and meeting so many different MIG associates provided them with the skills and tools they will need as they become full time underwriters. When asked about how he felt about graduating from the program, Doug said, “there is always more to learn” but “I feel prepared to take the next step in my career.”

The newly graduated underwriters will be moving into full time positions at Meadowbrook. Daniel Dulapa will be joining the Med Mal team. Doug Cubbin will be joining the Small Commercial Unit. Both positions will be located in the Southfield office. Plans for the next session of the underwriting program are already underway. The program will be managed by Gene Abbey in his new leadership position managing Corporate Underwriting Services. Gene is actively working with our HR team to find the right candidates to partake in this exciting program which will kick off on June 6, 2016 in the Southfield office.

Danny Dulapa
Danny Dulapa
Doug Cubbin
Doug Cubbin
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